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PLEDGE - "4C" of OGS Group


OGS Group’s Pledge is to realize the OGS Group Vision while maintaining a strong work ethic for daily work.

OGS shall carry out our business activities based on the “4C of OGS Group.”

the 4Cs of OGS Group


1. Contribution to Asia.

We contribute to the further development of Asia though our energy business as a corporate citizen who values relationships of trust with people.

2. Customers First

We follow the spirit of Customers First, listening to customers to understand their needs and committed to customer satisfaction.

3. Taking on Challenges

We take on new challenges to create innovation.
We promote our employees’ development and enhancement of skills through work.

4. Cordial Attitude

We serve every customer in a sincere and wholehearted manner.
We work with our colleagues, vendors and partners with a respectful and grateful attitude.


We are committed to practicing the “4Cs of OGS Group” in our business of providing innovative solutions and services that exceed the customers’ expectations for comfort, convenience and reliability in diverse energy business fields.

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